Hello guys! 🙂

Fisrt post of this blog and we though it would be a nice idea starting with a series, so here it is.

The story is about O. J. Simpson (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a famous athlete, who may or may not have killed his ex wife. The conflict between the police and Simpson’s lawyers is really intense, as the police believes he is guilty without any doubt. On the other hand, the lawyer support that because of his black colour, O.J. has fallen into a trap by some police officers.

The series has a nice mood, although it reminds us a lot of ”American Horror Story”. Almost all the episodes were very interestening, although at some point they were a little bit boring. Nevertheless, all the actors were great, including Sarah Paulson and John Travolta.

Rating: 8/10

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So, that’s it for now. Stay awesome, stay tuned! 😉