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Evan (Keanu Reeves) is home alone when two girls (Lorenza IzzoAna de Armas) visit him and claim that their car had broken down. They get into his house by force and at the end they have sex with him. In the morning Evan can’t get rid of them and the girls rape him..literally. From that point things go completely wrong and after a series of weird scenes the movie comes (finally) to an end.

Reeve’s performance was actually good, although this role didn’t fit him. From the other hand, Izzo and de Armas were just perfect for their psycopath characters. The story wasn’t so great, mainly because it would fill you with questions, that remained unanswered. Scenes with no matter at all, such as the corridor of the house which we see many times, tried to cover the blank spaces of the movie.

Rating: 3/10

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