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Rocky (Jane Levy), Money (Daniel Zovatto) and Alex (Dylan Minnette) robb houses so they can raise enough money to leave from their home town. So, they find an ”easy” target, a blind veteran (Stephen Lang), who has a lot of cash. They break into his house and everything goes according to the plan, until Lang (he has no name in the movie) wakes up and traps them inside.

The script was kinda good, the special effects and the music gave the movie even more intense. Also the actors were great, and they make you don’t breathe either.

More specific, half the movie was actually really good. Everything changed when Rocky and Alex (Money died 😛 ) tried to find the exit, but Lang was there to stop them. It was odd, because in some scenes he jumped from one place to another in zero time (propably he is related to Flash). At some point Rocky ended up tied up in the basement and Lang said he wanted her to have his child. But as he isn’t some sort of rapist, he wanted to achieve that without having sex with her (it was more disgusting than you think). Alex eventually saved her, but for once more they were being hunted by Lang.

Generally, the movie wasn’t that bad (we have watched worse), but at some points it either had blank spaces or the script was just too much, so it left you with a bad impression in the end. Anyway, for us it was movie below average and we don’t recommend it to you.

Rating: 4.5/10

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