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Today we have ”Jason Bourne”, the fifth movie of Bourne sequels. Let’s see it.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is hiding in Greece, when his old friend Nick Parsons (Julia Stiles) discovers something about his father. He starts exploring his past, but CIA director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) thinks Bourne wants to hurt the agency and so Jason is being hunted one more time. 

The storyline was similar to the other movies, with slightly differences. Through the whole movie something was going on, so you didn’t had time to get bored. Paul Greengrass did, for once again, a great job with the direction of the film. Damon ( ❤ ) was excellent, as he always is, as long as the whole cast. We have to mention here that Alicia Vikander was wearing a clutch clip on her hair during the movie, that was funny and a little bit disturbing the whole time. Nevertheless she was great playing a CIA agent. To conclude, it was a classic action – thriller movie, but a great way to pass yout time.

Rating: 7/10

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