Hello guys! 🙂

The new Jack Reacher movie has been already released, so we decided to review the original one.

A military sniper shoots five random people at a park. The police arrests him, but instead of confessing, he writes down ”Get Jack Reacher”. Jack (Tom Cruise) watches the news and he goes to the police. After that, he tries to prove the sniper’s innocence, along with his defence lawyer, Helen (Rosamund Pike).

It was a classic action movie starring Cruise. It was full of guns, beating with rain and of course chasing with cars. Cruise was as good as he expected to be in that kind of film, as long as Pike. Together they made a successful team against crime.

Sadly, the cast didn’t manage to overshadow the badly written storyline, which was hardly different than those of almost every action movie out there.

Rating: 7/10

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Stay awesome, stay tuned! 😉