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Let’s take a moment for Alycia Debnam-Carey uhhh ok… (known from ”100” and ”The Fear the Walking Dead”)

So, we have Debnam (Laura) as a psychiatric student, popular enough to be noticed by the university and also top of her class. She lives with her two friends Brit Morgan (Olivia) and Brooke Markham (Isabel).

Also, to close her inner circle, we have her boyfriend William Moseley (Tyler) and the follower “friend (one way)” Connor Paolo (Kobe). Of course we could not miss the weird girl who gets everyone the creeps, Liesl Ahlers (Marina). Ok now that we’ve finished with the introductions, we can proceed to the movie. 

The story goes like there’s nothing special about it. Inteligent famous girl meets creepy girl at school, follows her without any reason and everything goes wild. We had that in the movie with Laura adding Marina, a lonely girl, as a friend on facebook. So after Laura’s birthday where Marina was not invited, she got mad about ignoring her.

The story was intense and the characters were reallistic. The script rocked, we liked very much the plot twist at the end and of course the scenes where you expected a jump scare and it didn’t happen, although other times happened. The sound was great, as long as the scenography. As for the bad things, although the movie was creepy enough, we expected it to be more scary for a horror film.

Rating: 8.5/10

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That’s from us for now. More movie reviews are coming. Stay awesome, stay tuned! 😉