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Tim Burton tonight!

Jake (Asa Butterfield) after his grandfather’s death, finds Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) and her peculiar children, where he discovers his origins.

The story was similar to adventure – family movies, but the details made it differ from the others. It was a pleasant script, although it didn’t had any plot twists or itense scenes. Nevertheless, the characters were exactly what the title says, peculiar. Each one of them had a special power and it was nice the way they protected and loved each other. Especially Emma (Ella Purnell), who could manipulate the air and Miss Peregrine were just amazing. Butterfield and Purnell seemed to have chemistry and they were cute together. From the other hand, Green, although she is gorgeous in almost every role, was not what we expected in this movie, as the new Burton’s muse. The special effects were actually great and they did a really good job with the monsters. Also, the scenery and costumes were just perfect for the mood of the movie. 

It wasn’t one of Tim Burton’s best movies, but you could add it to your watchlist.

Rating: 7/10

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