Hello guys! 🙂

Autobots are being hunted and Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) with Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) help them. They also try to save the world (once more). 

The storyline was kinda intersting and the whole cast was great. Michael Bay, the director, paid attention to the little details, which was nice. Also the special effects and the sound were as good as expected. 

As for the bad things, the movie was almost 3 hours long, which made it tiring and a little bit boring. For almost one hour there was nothing special going on and we got to see dinosaurs – bots for only half an hour long. It wasn’t necessary for the movie to be that long and in our opinion it would be far better if it lasted even an hour less. Also don’t you think the whole thing with Transformers is getting kinda tiring? Anyway, if you like Transfomers, it is a nice movie to pass your time, despite its durability.

Rating: 7/10

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Until the next movie, stay awesome, stay tuned! 😉