Hello guys! 🙂

The last review for 2016 is here and I hope you have more fun than writing a review 😛 . Anyway, we hope you have a great time these days and we wish you a happy 2017 😀 .

Now, as for the movie.. Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) wants to write a novel about a whaling ship which was sunk by a giant whale in 1820. So, he finds Tom Nickerson (Brendan Gleeson), a member of the crew, who tells him everything about that voyage. Almost the whole story was a flashback about Captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker), First Mate Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth), their crew and whales.

The first 20 minutes of the movie were a bit boring, but also nesseccary for the characters to be introduced. After that, ”now” and flashbacks were being alternated, which made the movie easy to follow and interesting to watch. I like movies where you get attached to the characters and you live every moment with them and this one managed to do it really good. The CGIS also helped in that, as you felt the whales right next to you and you could even see their eyes and feel their pain when dying. The actors were actually great, although we have seen Whishaw and possibly Hemsworth in far better perfomances. From the other hand, the director Ron Howard (you should definitely watch ”Rush” and ”A Beautiful Mind” directed also by him) did an excellent job and it was always nice watching scenes from a point a view you didn’t expect. There aren’t really any bad things to notice about the movie, except it could be a little shorter in lenght so that it wouldn’t get boring at all.

If you love whales, you propably don’t want to watch this film (I almost cried when one of them died). But if you are tough and you like adventure and sea, you should check it out!

Rating: 7.5/10

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Until next year, stay awesome, stay tuned and a Happy New Year! 😀