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The Magnificent 7, after the Hateful 8 😛 , are the most badass guys in a diffrent time (WILD WEST). Too many westerns carry this name (1960,1966,1969,1972,1998) and now this movie with (1) Denzel Washington (Chisolm (weird names everywhere in this movie logically used to it)) (2) Chris Pratt (Josh Faraday) , (3) Ethan Hawke (Goodnight Robicheaux) (4) Vincent D’Onofrio (Jack Horne), (5)Byung-hun Lee (Billy Rocks)               (6) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Vasquez) (7) Martin Sensmeier (Red Harvest) and of course our bad guy Peter Sarsgaard (Bartholomew Bogue). Hopefully i said the names right. So lets go to the movie…

About the movie now.. It was a well directed classic western by Antoine Fuqua couldn’t be better (Southpaw,Shooter,Training day,The equalizer,Olympus has fallen) all good works.After that, let’s take a look to the writers Richard Wenk ,Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective , Equalizer, The Expenadables) took some content from the legends Akira Kurosawa , Shinobu Hashimoto ,Hideo Oguni and added some fresh ideas. From that scope, the movie was really good, although I would like a slightly faster development (but that’s my personal opinion).

Awesome perfomance from the actors.. all 7 played unique. So Chisolm meets Haley Bennett (Emma Cullen) in a town and she wanted to hire him to save her village from the gold thieves (they gave a dead-end to the villagers). Also Chisolm had a vendetta with Bartholomew Bogue and got into it. The journey begins with Chisolm and Emma and a boy seeking people for this insane battle, finding the best of the best through their way to the destination. Fight to win back the village until everyone is dead…

I enjoyed this movie and changed my mind to westerns because I don’t really like them. Modern western, if I have to give a name to the movie, and I liked the combination. The actors were perfect for their roles, they had chemistry between them and that showed up with the best way. After all, the 133 minutes weren’t boring or too much.

Rating 8.5/10

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