Happy New Year guys! 🙂

Hope you had a great time! 😀 Well, since 2016 has come to its end, here are some of our favourite and least favourite movies of the year. They aren’t necessary the best ones, but they are films we think you should definitely watch and films you should propably avoid. So, let’s start with the 10 best:

  1. Deadpool: Ryan Reyolds after an experiment on him is left with healing powers and thirst for revenge. If you havent watched this one, go ckeck right now one of Marvel’s greatest movies.
  2. The Conjuring 2: A spirit is trying to frighten a single mother and her four children, but Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are there to help them. Even better than the first one, ”Conjuring 2” is full of mystery and dark mood, that gives you the creeps.
  3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemEddie Redmayne arrives in New York with a suitcase full of fantastic beasts and along with Katherine Waterston they save the city. A film full of magic and amazing special effects and CGIS, which is perfect for kids and adults.
  4. ZootopiaGinnifer Goodwin leaves her village to go to the big city Zootopia in order to make her dream come true and become a cop. It is a realistic animation, filled with jokes for the whole family.
  5. The Magnificent 7Denzel Washington gathers a gang of seven to save a village from savage thieves. A kinda delightful western, not like anything you have watched before, definitel worth a shot.
  6. X-Men: Apocalypse: X-Men unite to defeat world’s first mutant, Apocalypse. The most interesting movie of the X-men series so far, with nice plot and great special effects.
  7. Finding Dory Dory suddenly remembers her parents and begings with Nemo and Marlin to find them. We have been waiting long enough for Nemo’s sequel and happily it didn’t let us down.
  8. Captain America: Civil War: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. start fighting over a political matter, but they take it too far and a civil war between heroes begin. Grea movie, we got to see Marvel’s heroes (well, not all of them) back together, as long as new characters, too.
  9. Rogue OneDarth Vader ❤ . Enough said!
  10. Central Intelligence: Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson know each other from high school and after they reunite through facebook, FBI is on their way. A rather different comedy, with kinda black houmor and of course the two lovable actors.


Now, let’s see some movies you should never watch 😛 .

  1. The Trust: Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood get themselves accidentaly into a bank vault. One of the worst crime movies we have ever watched, as the script was missing, as long as the interest.
  2. Sausage PartyMichael Cera, as a sausage, trys to find out what’s going on when food leave the super market. It was an unsuccessful attempt of an animation for adults, filled with sex and racist jokes.
  3. The Whole TruthKeanu Reeves attempts to get his client acquitted of murdering his own father. It was kinda good at the beginning, but then nothing happens. You get zero interest in the characters and the whole movie in general.
  4. Ice Age: Collision Course: The well known gang and Buck try to stop a meteor from destroying the earth. Why? Just why..The first Ice Age movies were so funny and nice, but noooo you had to destroy that series, too.
  5. Nine Lives: Kevin Spacey becomes the family cat. (With David Tennant’s voice in Doctor Who) WHAAT?
  6. Bad Moms: Three moms are pushed beyond their limits, so they seek for freedom from their responsibilities. Ok, maybe the whole thing about feminism has gone too far..just maybe.
  7. Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBatman and Superman come together to make a great movie. Egh wrong! The only interesting in this film is Gal Gadot.
  8. Don’t BreatheThree teenagers decide to break into a blind man’s home, as they want to leave from their hometown. A really nice thriller, it keeps you awake. But  what the hell? Is the old man related somehow to Flash? And he just doesn’t have it with women (for those of you who have watched, EWW).
  9. Gods of EgyptBrenton Thwaites (mortal) helps Nikolaj Coster – Waldau (god) take his revenge from Gerard Butler (god). Basically he babysits him in order to find the strength to fight his bad uncle. Yeah, it is as bad as it sounds like. Although it was nice watching Butler as the bad guy.
  10. The 5th Wave: Chloe Grace Moretz tries to save her brother from the fifth wave of an alien invasion. Error: Interest not found.


So, that’s it guys for today. Hope you liked our two little lists. Please if you agree (or disagree) with anything, let us know.

Until the next time, stay awesome, stay tuned! 😉