Hello guys! 🙂

A kinda old, dramatic movie for today, special for all of you dog-lovers out there.

Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) returns from work and at the train station he finds a puppy (or the puppy finds him) and he takes it home. Pretty much that it: a man and his dog.

Through the movie we watched Parker’s life, nothing special. But it was magnificent how the bond between Parker and Hachi got stronger day by day, through Lasse Hallström‘s eyes of course. He  managed to show us the love (actually it is something bigger than love) between a man and his dog in the most sweet and realistic way, so we got attached to them, as well. For those of you who own a dog, the feeling must have been stronger. 

Despite the movie had a kinda dramatic mood, from the very start it caught your interest and you became one with the characters. It was one of the most sentimental films I have ever seen and it could make the most tough ones burst into tears.

If you searching for a reason to cry, if you are not in the mood for just another silly movie, or if you just want to watch a drama, this is the movie for you. Highly recommend it to those of you who haven’t yet watched it. If you have watched it, we would be happy to know what ou think of it.

Rating: 9/10

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Until the next movie, stay awesome, stay tuned! 😉