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Greek movie today by Christopher Papakaliatis (Writer and Director) as we watched the other movies by Christopher we decided to give a chance to this one (also the good critics helped)…

Let’s go to the movie.We have 3 different stories about 3 couples (Teens,middle age ,elder ones). On the teens story we have Niki Vakali as Daphne and an immigrant from Syria Tawfeek Barhom as Farris.At the middle aged couple we have Christopher Papakaliatis as George with a Swedish woman Andrea Osvárt as Elise. And the last ones were J.K. Simmons as Sebastian with Maria Kavoyianni as herself.

The three stories were about the mythological story of Eros and Soul. The script was really good and had only a few blind spots.We enjoyed the “bad” way the movie took and felt sad about the characters.Generally not many thing to say about the script and the direction was well and really enjoyable :).

Rating: 8.5/10

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Thats from us stay awesome stay tuned 😀