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Sorry again we haven’t written anything for a few days, but we have exams, so we don’t have much time. We hope you understand 🙂 .

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is being attacked by some guys (one of them is Theon from Game of Thrones and yes he is once again a jackass) who kill his dog and steal his car. But Wick, due to his dark past, tracks them and wants revenge.

It was one of Reeves’ best movies. Derek Kolstad, also known from ”One in the Chamber”, wrote an extraordinary script with plenty of action and suspense. Him and  Chad Stahelski with his directing skills, took the movie to another level and they made a really satisfying result. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, where Wick’s past is revealed, two scenes were being alternated and that made the movie go to the next level. As for Reeves, he was amazing as always (”Knock Knock” isn’t included). At this point I have to mention that in almost every movie Reeves has a wonderful house and he is walking aroung barefoot.. just saying. Anyway, I also enjoyed Michael Nyqvist  who was so calm and on the same time the villain. I just love those bad guys ❤ ! 

Rating: 8.5/10

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