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Next stop earth ūüėÄ . Today we have arrival a mystery , sci-fi movie came to be top of its kind. It was a nice experience to see arrival an atmospheric and “dark” movie (The small budget didn’t allow for lights :P).The directing was amazing also the effects and sounds. The script was different¬†from other allien to earth “invasions”.

The movie directed by¬†Denis Villeneuve¬†some of his works are (Sicario,Prisoners) and the personal waiting film (blade runner 2049 check it out if you want). Writen by¬†Eric Heisserer¬†(Lights out , The thing , Final destination 5 ) and it was based on the “story of your life and others 1998” book by¬†Ted Chiang¬†known writer from (Tower of babylon the book)

Let’s go to the roles now we have¬†Amy Adams¬†as (Louise Banks) a famous linguist who works at an university. The supporting role takes¬†Jeremy Renner¬†(Ian Donnelly) who is a¬†theoretical physicist and were selected by the U.S Army. So¬†Forest Whitaker¬†(Colonel Weber) came and ask their help to solve a mystery about the twelve spaceships landed on earth or not , whatever you prefer .

The plays was really good and i liked the chemistry beetween the¬†actors. The ending was¬†amazing and I¬†liked the way it showed although the movie confused me a little at this part.I don’t want to say anything more about the movie except we tottaly recommend it for you if you like those type of movies.

The budget of the movie was around 47-50 million so it was an average budget and had a good result.

Rating : 8/10


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