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During the civil war in the USA, Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) returns to Mississippi and gathers a small, at first, team of slaves, runaways and women, who fight against the confederate government. After a lot of struggle, the free state of Jones is created.

The director, Gary Ross (also directed and wrote “Hunger Games”), paid a lot of attention to the details and made an outstanding scenery. He also did a great job with the screenplay, based on Leonard Hartman‘s story.

As for the actors, Matthew was really moving and he became one with Newton Knight. In a number of scenes, he didn’t actually have to talk, for his face was full of emotions. The rest of the cast was great as well.

Ross managed to drag me into the movie and fell like I lived in that era, too. but the film was too long. Although the script alone didn’t have any actual problems, in combination with the direction, it became kinda boring. Lots of scenes were too long for no reason at all, while the story needed to be developed way faster. Despite from all these, if you are a McConaughey’s fan and you like civil war movies, you should propably check this one out.

Rating: 7/10

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