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Free State of Jones

Hello guys! 😀 During the civil war in the USA, Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) returns to Mississippi and gathers a small, at first, team of slaves, runaways and women, who fight against the confederate government. After a lot of struggle,... Continue Reading →


Doctor Strange

Hello guys! 😀 Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the best neurosurgeon, but after an accident he can't move both of his hands. Therefore he goes to Kamar-Taj, a hidden world of mysticism, in Nepal to heal himself. The direction,... Continue Reading →


Hello guys 🙂 Next stop earth 😀 . Today we have arrival a mystery , sci-fi movie came to be top of its kind. It was a nice experience to see arrival an atmospheric and "dark" movie (The small budget... Continue Reading →


  Hello guys 😀 New movie today was played in two festivals (Fantastic Festival and AFI on USA) so called 2016 movie but I'd like to be a 2017 movie to give an oscar to James McAvoy for playing Dennis / Patricia /... Continue Reading →

The Accountant

Hello guys! 🙂 One of the best films we have watched in 2016 and forgot to put it in our list. By the way, you can check out our article about the best and worst films in 2016, if you... Continue Reading →


Hello guys! 🙂 Since the last review before ''Jack Reacher: Neger Go Back'' was about a week ago, we will fill you with some articles 😛 . Anyways, let's go to the movie. This biography is about Chesley ''Sully'' Sullenberger... Continue Reading →

Jack Reacher : Never Go Back

Hello guys 🙂 ! Today we have the second movie of Jack Reacher with, of course, Tom Cruise 😛 . Don't get me wrong, Cruise is one of my favorite actors in action films. Let's see some things about the direction and... Continue Reading →


Hello guys! 🙂 Another Dan Brown's book ( ❤ ) comes to life on the big screen. If you have read his books, I hope you enjoyed them. He has a way to make you fall in love with every sentence... Continue Reading →

In the Heart of the Sea

Hello guys! 🙂 The last review for 2016 is here and I hope you have more fun than writing a review 😛 . Anyway, we hope you have a great time these days and we wish you a happy 2017... Continue Reading →

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