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Having a hard time picking a film to watch? Here, take some ideas!




Hello guys! 😀 Another anime feature film by Studio Ghibli is here, but this time it is a fantasy one. Let's see.. Ponyo (Yuria Nara) is a little fish - princess who falls in love with Sosuke (Hiroki Doi) and... Continue Reading →


The Wind Rises

Hello guys! 🙂 It is time for a japanese animation movie by Studio Ghibli, which is a Japanese animation film studio known for its anime feature films, such as ''Spirited Away'' ❤ . A biography about Jiro Jorikoshi's (Hideaki Anno)... Continue Reading →


Hello guys! 🙂 In a postapocalyptic world, where machines have killed almost everyone. The only living creatures remaining are 9 rag dolls, where 9 (Elijah Wood) is the most brave of them. All together they try to save the world... Continue Reading →

The Angry Birds Movie

Hello guys! 🙂 In an island where all birds are happy (and a little dumb 😛 ), Red stands out, as he can't handle his anger. One day mysterious pigs visit the island, who want to be friends (not) with... Continue Reading →

Sausage Party

Hello guys! 🙂 We thought is would be a good idea to join the sausage party! Ha ha ha! The story begins in a super market where food has make humans their gods and they claim they take them to... Continue Reading →


Hello guys! 🙂 Judy is a cute little bunny who leaves countryside to go to Zootopia, fulfill her dream and become a cop,but because of her small size, she comes across many difficulties in the city. One day she meets... Continue Reading →

Finding Dory

Hey guys! 🙂 After 13 years the sequel of ''Finding Nemo'' is finally here and we were excited to watch it. Dory, Nemo and Marlin start searching for Dory's parents, who she lost when she was just a baby (a... Continue Reading →

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